Upcoming SOS Dates:

No SOS dates are currently scheduled.


What Is SOS?

SOS is a 3-day intensive, designed to immerse you in the process of identifying and embracing your vibrant identity as sons and daughters. It is our mission to help every son and daughter of God to remember who the Father made them to be when He imagined them, even before their mother’s womb. By rediscovering this identity in the SOS environment, participants come away with an immediate support group among those who went through the weekend together.

Dozens of SOS events have been held around the United States and internationally, and are most often scheduled as Thursday-through-Saturday weekends. Groups are kept at a maximum of 15 people to ensure that each participant will have full access to their own opportunities for discussion, questions, and healing. The SOS format is a mixture of teaching, discussion, and activities, so that Scriptural foundation and understanding is partnered with personal breakthrough. Each group is different, so each SOS is different. 

Registration fees for SOS are not refundable. Many people opt to take SOS a second time, and are welcome to do so. Those registering for second or subsequent SOS sessions may register at a 50% discount.

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to set aside an entire weekend. However, those who register for SOS are asked to commit to attending every session. This is as much for you as it is for those taking SOS with you. Each session contains pieces of the overall weekend; portions that are missed are nearly impossible to review.

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